Lumiceuticals Light Therapy

Light is the Ultimate Biological Nutrient.

Light charges the battery of your cells helping the body to balance, function and regenerate properly.

Blue Light:

Studies show that Blue light is cleansing and calming. Spectrums of blue light have been shown to kill bacteria, molds and viruses, enhance collagen production, support healthy liver function, enhance mood and reset circadian rythm.

Red Light:

Studies have shown that red light increases energy production, enhances circulation, oxygenation, detoxification and cellular regeneration all while lowering inflammation in soft tissue like muscles, skin, organs, glands and gums.

Near Infrared Light:

Studies show that  near infrared light relieves pain, lowers inflammation, increases cellular energy, enhances circulation, regeneration & detoxification. This spectrum can travel deep into the hard tissue of the body like bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and teeth.

LumiCeuticals medical grade systems deliver light spectrums known to increase Nitric Oxide induction. This is the signaling molecule that increases circulation, opens up vascular flow, increases lymphatic flow, speeds wound and injury recovery and helps people connect body, mind and spirit. Most of us are not making enough Nitric Oxide and research finds that low levels are implicated in heart disease, Alzheimers and diabetes.

Pulsing Light at Harmonic Frequencies Deepens Your Results


We heal wen we are in a relaxed state. How often are you truly relaxed? LumiCeuticals system pulses healthy light at harmonic frequencies to support the body's shift to the nervous system state for resting, digesting and healing. The powerful combination of light and vibratory pattern creates an ideal environment for multi-dimensional health.


Light is the way our cells and DNS communicate. Research has found that the body can tune itself back into health just like the fine instrument that it is designed to be. The LumiCeuticals deep harmonic delivery system is an ideal way to send these tuning vibrational frequencies safely at the speed of light to mind, body and spirit.

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