History of Halotherapy

The birth of Halotherapy can be dated as far back as the Grecian age. Hippocrates recommended salt inhalation as an effective treatment for respiratory issues. The ancient Greeks knew the value of salt and it has been told that they would inhale steam from salt water fr relief and healing of respiratory issues.

European monks also discovered a similar pattern. Patients treated in salt caverns healed faster than those who were not. Interesting right?! It gets better.

Tn 1843 a Polish doctor by the name of Felix Boczkowski noted in a published book the benefits of Dry Salt Therapy. Dr. Boczkowski was a physician at the Wieliczka salt mine, he began to observe astonishing decrease in respiratory conditions in salt miners. He formulated that the presence of air in the salt mine, saturated with dry salt particles, had a profoundly healing effect on those with respiratory and pulmonary issues.

During World War II, Dr. Spannagel set up a "spa" based/salt cave in Germany, in effort to escape heavy bombing. He noted that while staying in the salt cave, patients who were coughing, or had respiratory discomfort and difficulty breathing began to subside, and an amazing natural healing occurred. The salt caves were the only method of dry salt therapy until 1987. This was when the halogenerator was invented.  Now is was possible to experience  Dry Salt Therapy virtually anywhere, reproducing the similar climate to those found in the salt mines.

A Halogenerator is a milling machine that basically pulverizes into less than 5 microns in size, pure, pharmaceutical grade salt and sends it into the air during the session. When you go in for a session you are sitting in a zero gravity chair that reclines, listening to meditation  or relaxing music all while simply breathing air.

The halogenerator is a milling machine that pulverizes pharmaceutical grade salt into micro particles  of 5 microns or less. ( The human eye can only see 40 microns and bigger.) These microscopic particles can get deep into the respiratory system . stimulating the bodies natural ability to clear blockages, fight infection and open the airways.  This makes breathing easier and more comfortable.  Salt is also naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Halotherapy has been referred to as "a toothbrush for your lungs."
The Eastern Europeans are the ones who pioneered this therapy and they still lead the way in their research and clinical studies.  It has been well documented for efficacy by the worlds leading doctors and pulmonologists in Russia and Poland.  In fact, It is so well accepted by the medical community, that it is commonly covered by insurance in many countries outside the US.